Archi Token

Archi token is a ground breaking product of a tokenised company that will avoid "mint&sell" problem.

What is Archi token?

Archi token is a token used to measure or count the number of shares of Archi finance. Just like a company in real world, holding Archi token becomes a share holder of Archi finance. The total amount of Archi token is fixed and it cannot be minted anywhere within the platform.

Basic Information

  • Name: Archi token ($archi)

  • Max supply: 10,000,000

  • Blockchain: Arbitrum


IDO participant, claim instantly



Team (permanently locked in vlarchi contract)



advisor(2-year linear vesting)



Archi Treasury



archi-eth pair liquidity provider incentive pool, permanently locked in vlarchi contract



Airdrop,claim instantly after IDO



permanent liquidity



Use case of $archi token

  • By locking $archi into $vlarchi tokens, users receive: 1. Share of protocol fees 2. Governance rights on Archi DAO

  • By providing archi-eth liquidity pair,users receive 1. share fees from Liquidity provider incentive pool 2. share trading fees in uni-v3

Archi Airdrop

To reward early liquidity providers for Archi Finance, 2% of the tokens will be airdropped to them and can be claimed immediately after the IDO. The total amount of tokens for the airdrop is 200,000. These tokens will be evenly distributed among all pools over a period of 60 days, with 833 tokens per pool per day. The tokens will be distributed to users based on their deposit proportion, calculated by block time. The more and longer a deposit is held, the more tokens that can be earned. The amount displayed on the webpage is the final amount of airdropped tokens that can be earned.

Archi Treasury

As the Archi token cannot be mined through deposits or leveraged, the tokens in the treasury are used to reward depositors or leveraged users. The tokens in the treasury are held in the Archi multisig account and controlled by the Archi Dao.

The first proposal is the Archi Finance x GBC partnership. As an important partner of GMX, Archi hopes to reach a cooperation agreement with GBC. 10%of the tokens will be extracted from the treasury as an additional reward for GBC users. Degen farmers holding GBC NFTs and investing in Archi through GBC's referral link will receive 0.8% of the tokens, while liquidity providers will receive an additional 0.2% of the tokens, in addition to their normal deposits. The token distribution calculation will follow the same method as the Archi airdrop.

Archi Buy Back

To ensure the interests and long-term development of Archi token holders, Archi Finance will introduce a buyback policy for the Archi token. The purpose of the buyback is to maintain the token price and allow Archi token holders to purchase at a low price.

The buyback will be triggered when the token price falls to 65% of the IDO price and will stop at 85% of the original price. The funds for the buyback will come from the capital obtained during the IDO period and the team's earnings in vlarchi.

Vote lock archi (vlarchi)

Depositing archi will result in a 1:1 distribution of vlarchi, and all of the platform earnings will be distributed based on the proportion of Archi deposited. There is no time limit for depositing archi token.

Unlocking archi will be released linearly over 16 weeks, during which no earnings will be accrued.

Release time can be changed by Archi Dao.

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