To ensure the healthy development of Archi Finance and long-term cooperation with the community and KOLs, an referral mechanism has been launched to provide incentives.

Unlike the perp dex referral system, Archi Finance is a yield farming project where the earnings generated by invitees are based on their contribution value and the difference in interest share. The more earnings generated by the invitee, the more rewards the referrer receives. The referral rewards will come from the protocol fee and will not affect platform users. If the invitee is a supplier, the inviter will receive a portion of the supplier's protocol fee. If the invitee is a degen farmer, the inviter will receive a portion of the degen farmer's protocol fee. The value will be 1% of interest generated by invitee.

Referral rules:

  1. The referral system only has one level, and the invitee can also become an referrer.

  2. If the invitee changes the invitation link, it will not affect the previous orders but will affect the next order's earnings attribution.

  3. The bound referrer will remain bound to the previous referrer until a new referral link is used.

Example:If the users invited by user A generate a total interest of $100 in Archi, The reward for user A is $100*1%, which is equal to $1.

How it works

To create a referral code:

Once you've created your code, click on the copy icon next to the code to get your referral link, it should look something like this: . Please send a dm to Archi admin and confirm code.

You can share this link on any platform, e.g. Twitter, Telegram. When a user clicks on your link, your referral code would be stored with the user's account and start earning referal rewards. Rewards distributed every Wednesday.

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