Multi-sig Right

Archi Contracts authorization

Multisig Right

  • AddressProvider

    • setGmxRewardRouter Set the address of the GMX Staking contract

    • setGmxRewardRouterV1 Set the address of the GMX Staking contract version 1

    • setCreditAggregator Set the address of the Archi CreditAggregator contract

  • AbstractVault

    • addCreditManager Add a new credit manager

    • forbidCreditManagerToBorrow Forbid credit managers from borrowing

    • forbidCreditManagersCanRepay Forbid credit managers from repaying

    • pause / unpause Pause/unpause adding liquidity to the liquidity pool

  • VaultRewardDistributor

    • setSupplyRewardPoolRatio Adjust the ratio of the deposit reward pool

    • setBorrowedRewardPoolRatio Adjust the ratio of the borrowing reward pool

  • DepositorRewardDistributor

    • addExtraReward Add the address of the VaultRewardDistributor contract to the deposit pool

    • addDistributor / addDistributors / removeDistributor Add/remove the address of the DepositorRewardDistributor * contract for interest distribution governance

  • CreditCaller

    • addStrategy Add a new strategy

    • addVaultManager Add a creditManager corresponding to the collateral asset

    • setAllowlist Set the address of the whitelist contract

  • CreditTokenStaker

    • addOwner / addOwners / removeOwner Add/remove administrators for governance of the CreditToken contract


  • Allowlist

    • permit Add a user to the whitelist

    • forbid Remove a user from the whitelist

    • togglePassed Give up whitelist validation

  • GMXDepositor

    • setPlatform Add the address of the platform's profit recipient

    • setPlatformFee Adjust the platform's profit ratio

  • CreditRewardTracker

    • setPendingOwner Set the admin

    • acceptOwner Activate the new admin

    • addGovernor / addGovernors / removeGovernor Add/remove governors

    • addManager / removeManager Add/remove CreditManagers

    • addDepositor / removeDepositor Add/remove Depositors

    • setDuration Set the time of each execution of "execute" function

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